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Flash Fiction Friday #2

  1. The Finding by Anne at Life in the Ketchup Bottle
  2. Bearon and Eaglo -A Story of Hope by D T Kelly at The Secret Government Eggo Project
  3. Camp: Wannahomgbak by Beka at Just a Small Town Girl
  4. The Totem by L M Ashton at Peregrinas
  5. Confusion by Kara at Brief Forays into Writing
  6. Sid & Maury by JDB at Infinity Ranch
  7. Chief Rodney by John Van Pelt of Verbalobe
  8. The Nature of Faith (password: FF2) by larisse at Echoes in the Mind
  9. Dark Wood by BlackBlade at BlackBladeFiction
  10. Hunters by Uprooted at Uprooted In Georgia
  11. Earth: The Map by Melanie A at Cave Dweller
  12. Totem by Carol at CaySedai's creative side
  13. Totems by c_p_lew at Mekong River Tributaries


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