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Flash Fiction Friday #1

  1. Gateway to the Otherworld by L M Ashton at Peregrinas
  2. The Project by D T Kelly at The Secret Government Eggo Project
  3. Remnants by Beka at Just a Small Town Girl
  4. In Ruins by Chanpheng at Mekong River Tributaries
  5. Star Crossed Lovers by Cath Smith at Curiouser and Curiouser
  6. Planet Fanlan: Cursed Daggers by Melanie A. at Cave Dweller
  7. The Gatekeeper by Carol at CaySedai's creative side
  8. Crooked by Anne at Life in the Ketchup Bottle
  9. The Property by Tom Davidson
  10. Through The Glass Darkly by larisse at Echoes In The Mind
  11. Washing in Watre is Washing in Blood by Steve Rogers at Rabid Newz: Eat My Shorts
  12. Untitled by BlackBlade at BlackBladeFiction


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